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I wanted to say thank you for the amazing weekend. All the riding was amazing! Love, love loved it!


If there are annual events and this is one of them, then it's the only one I can't miss. This trip cemented the legendary status of Johnny Smoke as the guru of adventure...

--Dre Hestler

This trip was amazing! Phenomenal riders and unreal trails. Great people, great times, good food and drink, what more could you ask for?


Any day of the trip would be a contender for my best ever day of mountain biking...epic!

--Keith Ray

I've traveled many places with Johnny Smoke riding mountain bikes in fantastic spots; it's guaranteed that you're in for an adventure never knowing how big or how bad, but always leaving you wanting more.

--Wade Simmons

Thanks for a great week. Johnny your grass roots mountain biker style and f---ed up humor gave the trip a real, authentic, Canadian flavour. Keep it up and help those of us chained to our desks get a taste of the mountain lifestyle!


Smoke for the win. Every time!


Helluva day on The Shore - Thanks for your time, really enjoyed myself


Thanks for a great weekend! We'll have to come back to get our Okanagan fix.

-- Craig

This was the best trip one could ever imagine! Our riding technique and skills improved tremendously thanks to our awesome instructor. It was the most beautiful place that offers the best riding to any MTB lover.

-- Natasha

Thanks for the amazing hospitality! It was all first-rate as well as the trails, rides and support while we were out there.

-- Andrew

Thanks for the great time! You're an amazing tour guide!

-- Sven

Another awesome day! The pizza at the end of the day was such a great surprise! You definitely know how to keep riders happy and smilin'. Thank you!

-- Veronica

Great to ride with you and thanks for everything!!!! I'll definitely be back soon.


Good times, good times! Thanks for the rips!

-- Fiona

Our day out there with you was the best day we've ever had on our bikes and you also did a hell of a job giving us pointers and helping us ride better...the whole trip freakin' rocked!

-- James

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