1st Ride of 2012

It’s been another great winter, and I’ve managed to successfully avoid riding, looking at, or even thinking about bikes since early November.  Time to get back out there.

We hit up the 3 Blind Mice, as per usual, for a Freedom Bikes shop shuttle session.  I brought along the trusty chainsaw for a little early season maintenance, and we managed to not only clear a few big downed trees but also this lost nugget.

1st Ride 2012

I don’t know who built this originally, but Karl the Gnarl had the line zeroed in.  It kind of peters out after the bridge, so we knocked together a quick group effort and cleared out a new option that leads straight into the lower half of Drops A Lot.

1st Ride 2012

Also, our new friend Jason from California broke his big rock hymen on this one.  We’ll make a Canadian outta that guy in no time.

1st Ride 2012

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