October Randoms

Old Cover Guys never die. They do look older after a while, but they just keep on hammering.

Bush Pilot Biking Random October

I did a ton of riding this month with the Rabbit, who I worked with for several years back in the old country. It was XC stuff mainly, and we rode at old school pace (no stopping…ever). I’m pretty sure there was one point where I didn’t put a foot down for over 2 hours. Lots of killer rides all month, but no eye candy for you. Just this little fella:

Bush Pilot Biking Random October

Can’t believe that was the first snake I saw all year. Everyone was raving about how many and how large the snakes were this summer, and I see this puny little one in the last week of herpetological friendly weather. He is quite pretty in those yellow leaves though.

Coolie is getting out for more rides now. She got a 35-40 km day in at the end. And slept it off in one day. She killed it until the last couple km of the last lap, when she started to limp just a little bit. Pretty amazing…and a bit scary. Next summer could be a chore keeping her exercised.

Bush Pilot Biking Random October

Another little scenic window into my neighbourhood. I got into a bunch more trails in the Naramata zone. Figuring out tons more routes to play on for next year. Would you believe it? I rode that zone over 20 times this year alone, and just in the last couple of weeks did over 5 hours on stuff I haven’t seen before.

Bush Pilot Biking Random October

PS – Happy 73rd Birthday, Dad.

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